Thursday, August 17, 2006

Anti War, Peace Rally in Colombo

The yougest Buddhist nun Wasgaduwa Sumangala attending the peace rally in Colombo on August 17th 2006, organised by the National Anti War Front

National Anti War Front organised a peace rally in Colombo on August 17th 2006.The peace rally started from Hyde Park in Colombo 2 and went onto Viharamahadevi open air theatre after an hour. The organisers say that, around 1,000 peace loving people and politicians participated along with religious dignitaries. After the peace rally a meeting was held. Few Buddhist monks got onto the stage and asked the organisers to go to Vanni and have the peace rally and meeting there, following which it ended in a brawl.

Peace rallies will be held in fifteen districts throughout the country, and 100,000 peace loving people will gather in Colombo on September 21st 2006, according to the organisers